Founded in partnership with 196 Turkish cooperatives on September 9, 1959. Today the bank continues to be the largest financial institution in the country’s banking sector. In the statement made from Koopbank, The bank representing approximately 22% of the banking sector in terms of the balance sheet size has a balance sheet of 5 billion TL in a structure with a TRNC budget of 5.7 billion TL. The bank is clearly in front of the TRNC economy and the financial data available at the site.

Koopbank’s more than 120,000 and most importantly co-operative volunteers have a loyal customer portfolio. Indicating that Koopbank is a leader in financial services with Koopbank’s country’s financial resources, deposits and placements, added value created and taxes directly and indirectly provided to the government.


Garanti Bank


Garanti Bank is a Turkish bank established in Ankara in 1946. Today Garanti Bank is one of the largest private banks in Turkey with foreign branches and international representative offices. There are eight branches located in North Cyprus including in the main cities such as Girne, Lefkosa, and Famagusta.


  • Internet banking
  • Telephone banking
  • Garanti 24 hour ATMs
  • Periodic newsletters
  • English speaking workers
  • Loan Service


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Ziraat Bank


Ziraat Bank is a state-owned bank in Turkey founded in 1863. The Bank has a wide foreign network in 18 countries with 95 service points including 23 foreign branches. They established the first branch in TRNC right after the Cyprus peace operation. Ziraat bank remains the second biggest Turkish bank after Garanti bank since 2012 according to the database measured by total assets in USD. They are serving customers through ATMs, Video Teller Machines, Internet Branch, Call Centers, Telephone and Mobile Banking, and other channels. As a foreign investor your information is on the very safe side with the Ziraat bank and you will get several services. VISA/Debit card, Internet bank and Loan services etc.


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Is Bank


Türkiye İş Bankası (Is bank) is the largest bank in Turkey. The bank operates 1354 branches in Turkey and 16 branches in Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC). You can easily open a bank account with the Is bank. You just have to come up with Certified Passport Copy, Foreign Identification Number or Tax number, a utility bill.

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Is bank provides variety of services such as:


  • Internet banking
  • Telephone banking
  • ATM services
  • Insurance Service
  • English speaking workers
  • Loan Service
  • VISA/Debit card service
  • Digital Banking
  • Western Union



Creditwest Bank



Creditwest Bank Ltd was founded under the name of Altınbaşbank in 1994. Bank denominated with the name of Creditwest Bank provides retail and business banking services all around Cyprus with its 14 branches and 2 subsidiaries, Creditwest Insurance and Creditwest Finance.

Creditwest Bank has been a part of global financial network after the Altınbaş Group opened Creditwest Bank Ukraine. Thanks for the correspondence, agreements concluded with many banks around the world. The bank performs all sorts of overseas banking operations for the people of Northern Cyprus in a rapid and secure manner.

Creditwest Bank offers a variety of personal and commercial banking products and services to meet all your financial needs. It is easy to find high-quality services and enjoy the convenience in our state-of-the-art service locations.

The International Rating Institution of the JCR Eurasia Rating has increased the grading of Creditwest Bank Ltd to AA+

We are constantly developing new products for your specific requirements.


  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • SMS Banking
  • Web Insurance
  • Credit/Debit card services
  • Kiosk banking
  • Credit-Fast (No more waiting in the queue at branches! Whether you are a Creditwest customer or not, get a priority service by pre-booking your queue number from your smartphone.)
  • West Notifier – Another first from Creditwest that makes your life easier.

With West Notifier;

  • You can pay your bills instantly,
  • You can view your balance,
  • You can follow the exchange rate information,
  • You can learn your account activity instantly,
  • You can get updated information on your credit card and learn your balance.